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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  September 21, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning on this tuesday, september 21st as we take a live look over the capitol dome this morning in washington, d.c. if you are just pushing back the covers this morning, it will be a comfortable one out there. don't worry about getting out of bed. i'm sarah similar mondes -- simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. let's get a check of weather with comfortable temperatures out there. very cool start to the day. 60 here in town. we should have another
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beautiful afternoon with highs in the upper 70s to about 80. not much of anything going on as far as our satellite-radar. in fact, you will see very quiet conditions here on our map. out to the east, that is what is left of hurricane igor. highs as mentioned right where we were yesterday about 80 degrees. changes in the form of warmer temperatures arrive tomorrow. more detail on that in just a couple of minute. repealing don't ask, don't tell. the senate is about to vote on the pentagon's controversial policy of letting gays serve in the military if they don't tell
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anyone their sexual orientation. this morning's vote is on the defense bill that includes a repeal of that policy. the democrats first have to overcome a republican filibuster. a three-month-long investigation has led to the arrest of a lorton, virginia man accused of possessing pornography. police were tipped off by firefighters who went into the home to make sure a fire next door didn't spread. he is a wrestling official who work with middle school and high school wrestlers in our area. bed buge been found in one of the most unlikely places, children's books. we're not talking about new york city. fox 5's will thomas tacks us to frederick, maryland for this one. -- takes us to frederick, maryland for this one. >> reporter: urbana public library. a thousand people a day pass through here but it is what a
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collection supervisor discovered outside in the book drop friday that prompted frederick county official to spring into action. >> we were especially fortunate because our circulation supervisor would was doing that task used to work in the hospitality industry so she was trainedded and looking for exactly this kind of bug. >> reporter: elizabeth cromwell is the community relations manager for frederick county libraries. bed bugs discovered in books? that is a first. >> i've been here eight years. i've never heard of. this my director has never heard of this either. >> reporter: this is about one of a half dozen bed bugs collected from one of the children's books in the drop on heat advisory bin. those books are now sitting in the back of this truck baking. once the temperature reaches # 20 degrees it kills any remaining bugs. >> i think it is disgusting and i hope that they don't come
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into my house. >> reporter: frying those little bed bugs out in the tax is only half the attack. starting tuesday morning, all eight frederick county libraries will be exterminated as a precaution. >> ed product we are using in the library system is called people owe 1% and it is combined with steam and used throughout all eight of our building. we are told it is safe for people and for animals except bugs. >> reporter: you've heard about bed bugs living the high life in manhattan infesting nike's flagship store, the empire state building, a movie theater but here at the urbana public library, it appears fast-acting employees may have discovered the bug in time to prevent any real inconvenience. will thomas, fox 5 news. >> you might be wondering why to all eight lauren bessette need to get sprayed.
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the county takes part in a program where you can check out a book across the state and return it to any of the libraries. so cross-infestation is a possibility. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. a live look over washington, d.c. this morning on this tuesday september 21st. a chilly morning out there, you may notice. good morning. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's check in with tucker barnes now. he has the latest on this chilly weather this morning but it is amazing it will warm up. >> yes, very comfortable conditions out there. nice blanket weather. let's get to it. we'll take a look at the current conditions and yesterday, what a nice day.
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clear skies, sunny and bright today. one or two clouds passing through. most of us won't see much of anything other than blue sky today and high temperatures in the upper 70s to about 80. so again, just another beautiful afternoon expected here across the area. temperatures, we mentioned they're cool and, in fact, they are cool. 50 at tull less. 50 in winchester. we have 40s in some spots off to the north and west. closer to the bay, 63 at patuxent naval air station and # -- and 63 in ocean city. no chance of rain. we need the rain. got a couple of chances here in the five-day forecast. we'll have detail on that in just minutes. >> thank you. we'll check in with julie in just a few minutes.
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fit, our top stories. ending don't ask being don't tell. the senate will take up the military policy on gay soldiers today. we are getting more from stacy cohan live on capitol hill with this one. >> reporter: good morning. don't ask, don't tell is a policy that allows gays and lesbians to serve in the military but not openly. congress first passed this law in 1993 under then-president bill clinton. a repeal is part of the military authorization bill that the senate is set to vote on today. now, at a news conference, christian leaders urged senators not to pass this. the family search council is arguing that it would put some military men and women in uncomfortable or awkward swayings. some gay soldiers disagree. now, we're told that the vote is happening in the senate today. the senate democrats are in favor of this bill and will need 60 votes to secure passage and to beat a republican filibuster.
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the house passed this measure earlier this year back in may. i'm stacy cohan being back to you. >> thank you. other stories making headline this morning, a virginia man who works with middle school and high school wrestlers in our area has been charged with possession of child pornography. 51-year-old mark barjes was arrested friday following awe three-month-long investigation. fairfax county firefighters tipped off police back in june when they found pornographic material inside his lorton home while responding to a fire next door. the police want anyone with more information to come forward. >> if you are a parent of one of those children and you want to open a conversation with your child, speak with your child about those matches and ask if they feel that they have any information they would hike to share with the police department. >> the north virginia wrestling association released a statement saying in part these allegations have no connection to his tiewties as an independent contractor to the
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association and that the rules for bid an official be alone with any of the wrestlers without the presence of a coach or team. a former teacher at one of the district's most prestigious schools charged in a child sex abuse case will not spend any time in jail. a judge sentenced robert peterson to 15 years in jail but suspended all of that time but he will be on supervised probation if five years. peterson taught seventh and eighth grade at sidwell friends. in january, he was charged with sexual abuse of a minor and other crimes. prosecutors say he invited a boy to his home, showed him pornography and touched him inappropriately. he was immediately fired from sidwell friends. d.c. police have a person of interest in the murder of a 21-year-old woman. she was found shot to together early saturday morning on bruce place southeast. her sister last saw her leave ago nightclub in northeast with a man she has known for about a month or two, she says. police are focusing on an
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argument as the motive for this murder. mccray attended booker t. washington charter school wand as taking classes at devry university. we have new details in the murder a young maryland woman. 19-year-old tanesa taylor's brother says she was bipolar and schizophrenic. police say they have two persons of interest in this case, shannon watkins and casey boone. they believe taylor knew them threw profit tugs. police say there were rumors that taylor tried to tip off investigatorries on robbery. that might have been why she was killed, police say. another attack near the university of maryland following a string of armed robberies in the area. prince george's county police say three people approached a man in a shopping center along route one, assaulted him an took his property. he didn't get a description of
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his attackers but police arrested andrew hillock on sunday. he is charged with armed robbery and possession of a hand gun. authorities say the suspects in these attacks are working in groups appear are armed and dangerous. new charges now against a man suspected in a string of deadly stabbings. that is up next on fox 5 morning news. >> that is a felony offense under michigan law where you face life in prison, do you understand that penalty? >> the suspect went before a judge via video. we'll have the latest on this as we check more headlines. and actress lindsay lohan is facing more legal troubles but the judge is giving her a bit of a break here. you will hear what it is, coming up. [ quinn ] my name is quinn,
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here is what is making headlines this morning little a national guard commander taking responsibility for a wildfire. firefighters in utah contained 20% of a wildfire. it started on a utah army guard national base and the commander is apologizing for systematic failures that allowed training with live ammunition. the fire started after high winds fanned spark from machine guns. the fire has already forced people to evacuate 1600 homes. new charges against a man suspected in a string of attacks across michigan, ohio and in leesburg, virginia. >> that is a felony offense under michigan law where you face life in prison. downed that penalty? >> yes, sir. >> that is 33 year elias abuelazam, an israeli citizen, with ties to northern virginia. he is being arraigned in print, michigan. he is facing four new charges. authorities say he stabbed and killed five men and wounded at
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lost 13 others. investigators still do not have a motive. >> i want to ask somebody, just why? what went wrong at the point where he had to just start stabbing innocent people. >> we suspect that he was preying on vulnerable african- american men trying to take their lives and destroy them. >> now, looseburg police are also looking at abuelazam as a possible suspect in a deadly stabbing from last year. the doctor who was shot at johns hopkins hospital last week is in good condition. dr.david cohen's family issued a statement saying they appreciate all of the support but now they want privacy so cohen can heal. police say paul pardus shot him in the stomach aafter the doctor told him about his condition. actress lipped say lohan will be back in court this week as a judge considers whether she violated her probation. the judge had issued a warrant
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for her arrest on monday but then stayed the warrant allowing lohan to remain free until the friday hearing. lohan admits she failed a drug test and if the judge determines that is a probation violation, lohan could go back to jail or be ordered back into treatment. singer and songwriter bruno mars has a court date in las vegas. police say he was found with a bag of cocaine in a canada is antiowe bathroom following a show. officials say mars, whose hit song, love the way you are, is still topping the chart had 2.6 grams of coke on him. formal charges still have not been filed but mars has been told to be in court in november. it is official. the worst recession in decades is over. an academic panel confirms the recession ended in june of last year. the national bureau of economic research says the recession began in december of 2007 an lasted 18 months. that is the longest recession the country has endured since world war ii. president obama weighed in on
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the subject during a town hall meeting on cnbc. >> obviously, for the millions of people who are still out of the work, people who have seen their home values decline, people would are struggling to pay the bills day to day, it is still very real for them. >> as for the recovery, most economists do agree, it is moving very slowly. how does your tap water taste? coming up next, details of a local blind taste test. plus, do you like salmon? we'll tell you why a looming decision from the fda is sparking debate. a possible major change that some fear could affect your health. very cool temperatures out there. we have 50s and low 60s across the region. a great-looking tuesday forecast. i'll have all the details on that and julie wright will be in at some point and will have your on-time traffic for you coming up in just a couple of short minutes.
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you'll find them in the canned pasta or soup aisle. did you hear me? the canned pasta or soup aisle. respect lunch! welcome back. you know, it is a little chilly outside today but the thing is it is going to warm back up. so if you are still trying to get out from under the sheet today and i know it feels a little don't wor too much about it. it will feel warmer. >> my advice is hang out in bed a little bet.
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>> i did. i started to get out and i said i'll go back for five minutes more. it is so easy to do, this time of year. >> good sleeping weather. >> if you liked yesterday's forecast, you'll love today. >> we are? >> yeah. you're going to love it. lets he go to max 2. there we go. we'll talk about high temperatures yesterday. 81degrees at reagan national. 80 at dulles. temperatures this afternoon in the enjoyable department with comfortable conditions expected and nice conditions for the next couple of days. let's look at our current conditions. wow! look at that. we've fallen off in the last couple of minutes. 46 in gaithersburg. 46 in frederick. 46 for new manassas. 5 # in fredericksburg. 54 in quantico. you get the idea here. look how cool it is off to the
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north and west. very comfortable. that is why i said sleep in if you can. annapolis is currently 63. leonardtown, you are 50 degrees. this is probably our coolest morning yet this late summer, early fall season. looking at our satellite-radar, we are looking at more quiet. look how quiet the eastern half of the nation is. not much happening. some thunderstorm activity off to the north and west and that could bring us the slightest chance of a shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon and evening tomorrow. until then, we'll be just fine. as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, there is a lot of heat out here. we've got 90s into the portions of the southwest here. that will get in here during the daytime hours tomorrow. starting tomorrow, in for a bit of a heat wave with high temperatures in the upper 80s to about 90 degrees. not the case today. lots of sunshine, seasonal temperatures. 08degrees. winds will be light are than yesterday out of the north an east at about five miles per
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hour. not as cool tonight. 62 for an overnight low. clear skies out there. should be once again a nice comfortable evening for us. then we start a gradual warm- up. maybe not so gradual as our high temperature tomorrow about 90 degrees. could be a late shower during the evening hours on wednesday. we need the rain so let's hope we get some. got to be honest with you, i think chances are pretty slim. thursday and friday, downright hot an humid for this time of year. humid for september. maybe some showers and thunderstorms during the day on saturday with cooler weather on the way. now, let's get some on-time traffic with julie wright. >> we are starting off along northbound i-95 after the exit for i-195 but before you reach the baltimore parkway, accident there is tying up the two light rains. no issues heading out towards mva. we're up to speed on 66 headed inbound this morning towards
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the capital beltway. check out the cameras, the overnight roadwork on 95. the overnight roadwork between lorton and woodbridge has cleared. we all necessity that distracted driving can be very deadly and new numbers show it is getting even worse out there. deadly crashes associated with distracted driving jumped from 10 to 16% between 2005 and 2009. the national highway traffic safety administration reports nearly 5500 people were killed in distracted driving crashes last year. young people under the age of 20 are most affected they say. later on today, the department of transportation will hold a distracted driving summit in the district. don't have a bike? no problem. d.c.'s bike care program is kicking into gear. you can pick up a bike from locations city-wide, ride it and return it. by the end of october, there will be 1100 bikes available. putting tap water to the
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test. d.c. water claims local tap water comes out on top when it comes to taste. the results are from a blind taste test down last week outside dmv offs in southeast. d.c. water wants to let the tap water tastes good, costs just about a penny a gallon and meets strict federal standards. checking a health alert for you today, there could be a link between the h1n1 virus and seizures. new study looks at two groups of children, children who had h1n1 and kids who had the seasonal flu. they found that kids with h1n1 had more seizures and other nervous system problems than kids who had the seasonal flu. the federal government is being asked to implement tougher food safety laws. the food and beverage industry wants the septa it pass a bill that would prevent food contamination at the manufacture anterior's, gives the fda the power to order mandatory recalls and do more
4:51 am
frequent inspections. >> the seemingly endless number of food-borne illness outbreaks and recalls of contaminated product that have occurred every the last few years demonstrates a clear need for this legislation. >> the group wants the senate to vote on the measure this week. these days, some of us eat genetically modified food but what about genetically altered animals? the fda is taking up the issue beginning with salmon. if the so-called aqua advantage sal machine is approved, it would be the first genetically engineered animal created if food use. melanie alnwick takes a look at the debate. >> reporter: atlantic salmon is a popular choice on many plates but it is tough to find it in the wild anymore. much of the atlantic salmon sold in the u.s. comes from commercial fish farms. now the fish farming company, aqua bounty has figured out a
4:52 am
way to put a growth hormone into the eggs. it makes the hatch lippings grow faster and better in the contained environment. >> we think this is a safe and sustainable alternative to meet the growing food needs of a growing population. >> reporter: sounds good but critics say not so fast. >> it has been shown that genetically engineered substances and animals, the health problems develop over time. >> some groups are raising concern abouts whether the gene increases the risk of allergic reaction and if consumer could ingest the growth hormone. science was so poorly done with small sample sizes that we don't know. >> reporter: consumers union says data was derived from samples of less than 57 fish. aqua bounty stands by its science. >> we produceed a from amount of data. that data has been reviewed in a robust, rigorous skyscan review by the fda and their conclusions is that this food is safe to consume as the traditional food.
4:53 am
>> reporter: an fda advisory committee is debating the data now. the next issue is labeling. aqua bounty believes it should be voluntary. consumers union does not. >> we did a survey last year of the u.s. population, not just consumer reports readers, and we found 95% said any meat or mill frk a genetically engineered animal should be labeled. >> reporter: if the fda proves the aqua advantage salmon, it will be a first for human food but by no means the last in the brave new world of genetically modified animals. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. the famous arrest inform st. louis was designed to last hundreds of years but things are not quite going as planned. up next, is one most famous structures in our country in danger of falling apart? we'll take a look. plus, the defending super bowl champs getting really hyped up.
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the defending super bowl champs new orleans saints getting all pumped up for some monday night football and the game was a thriller too. it came down to the final seconds. the saints beat san francisco 25-22. gar its hear thely kicked a 37- yard field goal for the game winner. that brings us to the redskins and sunday's heart- breaking loss. you note story line here. the redskins had a chance to win the game in overtime. kicker graham gano made a 52- yarder but right before the kick, the texans called a time out and then gano missed his second attempt. he was asked if he was surprised the texans called time out.
4:57 am
>> i knew right on that first kick they were going to call a time out, especially that distance and me being a young kicker. i knew it was going to happen. but i have no excuses. just got to do better next time. >> to baseball now where the nats began their final home stand of the season last night hosting the astros and this one was all houston. they scored seven runs in the fifth inning with the help of three nats errors. nats fell 8-26789 the attendance last night by the way, 10,999. that is the lowest attendance in nats history scientist wild scene in nilly last night. a man in a red spandex suit ran onto the field. stadium security ran after him but couldn't catch him. finally a player took him down from the atlanta braves. he says he figured the man was better off getting tripped than getting tased. he was doing him a favor. some bad news about the
4:58 am
famous arch in st. louis. it is corroding. engineers of the monument first said it would last 100 engineered but it seems the 1960s technology used to build the arch was good, just not good enough. we have a report. >> welcome to jefferson national expansion memorial. >> reporter: they've been visible for the past decade or so, rough colored stains on the arch's stainless steel skin but the real problem is inside the arch. corrosion and rust inside the monument that 19 # 0s engineers assured us would last for hundreds of years. >> as a one of a kind structure, it was deemed to be pretty solid, concrete an steel. there is not much more that is long-term and lasting than those two materials. so there may have been some hubris if you will in terms of design. >> reporter: the problem, water and condensation may be leaking
4:59 am
in thriewt miles of welds in the arrest. >> you don't have ventilation, you don't have air conditioning. walk around your home with your aluminum siding, you got vent holes every 20 feet to keep the air movement. you have no air movement there at all which led to some moisture build-up. >> reporter: the problem is between the inner and outer skin of the mammoth hollow triangles used to build the arch. >> you have the interior of the leg itself where the tram goes. that has had condensation since they started building it. >> reporter: for now, the arch may be stained but it is structurally safe. >> we have a lot of points of potential failure that you need to continue to address. i'm grateful that somebody has brought attention to it, that they are fixing it before it does get to be a safety issue. >> reporter: the treft drilling will be from


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